Luxurious Altered 1940s Dressing Gown Dress in Plum Purple Velvet

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      A plush, cozy and luxurious homemade or home altered dress from the late 1940s. My feeling is that this is a dressing gown that was adapted to be a dress. It is a plum purple - that rich hue that is both red and purple, made of a soft rayon velvet. The collar is truly massive. The zipper is dress length, but it's still an easy on and off. The skirt is gathered and drapey.


      This was frankly just too snug for the size 6 form it is in, and would be better for no larger than a size 4. If you want ease, I'd recommend it for a 32" bust.

      Bust: 34"
      Waist: 24"
      Hips: 47"
      Length: 47"

      Label: None Present, Homemade
      Material: Rayon Velvet
      Condition: Good, as is

      This piece is clean and ready to wear. There's a number of signs of homemaking and home altering. The interior construction of the collar is odd. Basting stitches were never removed from the skirt gathers at the front right and back left. There's signs on the interior that the zipper was originally a longer type. There's some strain along the back waist with older exposed hand stitches over that point. There's some scattered points of seating. Despite the amateur creation and repairs, though, it is sturdy and wears beautifully. Priced accordingly.
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