Incredible 1940s Fred A. Block "His Girl Friday" Striped Power Suit with Matching Hat, As is


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      Vintage early 1940s suit, the ultimate Holy Grail of high end vintage suits. Made by Fred A. Block, and clearly fashioned after Rosalind Russell's incredible striped suit in His Girl Friday, it doesn't get any more iconic than this. The black wool has a wide bead stripe (although you'd more commonly hear it called a chalk stripe, that's not exactly correct.) This is a far bolder stripe than you'd see in menswear, a highly stylized and visible weave. The shoulders are ultra padded, and the waist nipped, as well as further accented with the arrows created with the striping. The jacket closes with a single large buttons. The skirt is basically straight, although not a trim 50s cut. The matching tilt hat is bold and jaunty, a rare piece in and of itself. The styling is clearly intended to evoke Hildy's style, as I think you'll agree from the comparison photo to the suit Robert Kalloch designed for Roz.

      In fact, if this didn't come out within months of the film's release, I'll eat the hat. Noooo -- not the hat! You'll have to buy the suit and save it, just in case. 


      Shoulder: 17.5"
      Bust: 39" *The sleeves are very deep, and I believe up a 42" can wear this if they don't mind it a bit open. 
      Waist: 31.5"
      Length: 25"
      Sleeves: 23"

      Waist: 30"
      Length: 30"

      Label: f.a.b. Fred A. Block Original 
      Material: Wool, rayon lining 
      Condition: Good minus

      This suit is clean and ready to wear. It suffered from moths at some point in it's life, and there's repairs both previous (from the shop I bought it from) and new (done by a professional.) The most notable are the previous repairs, and while they are not as good as I should like them to be, they do at least follow the lines - you'll see these on the right side of the chest of the jacket. There's smaller repairs I've had done on the opposite side of the jacket, some in the sleeves and skirt.

      As you can see in photos, the skirt was altered - someone used some of the width - it must have been an a aline - to make a wider waistband and extend the size closer to that of the jacket. It does look like it was done in the era. 

      Despite the flaws, this presents pretty fantastically. If you desire perfection, I would recommend getting those four most visible repairs re-done as reweaves, using selvage from the skirt or under the lining of the jacket. 

      This rare piece is a treasure, and I admit that if it doesn't sell, I'm probably going to hoard it forever even though it doesn't fit.
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