Gorgeous Previously Restored 1910s Day Dress in Silk Twill with Replaced Accents


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      This Edwardian dress is truly a special piece, something worked on with great care, likely by a historic costumer. The work is well done, likely accomplished in the 1950s or 1960s. Because I don't have the specific history of the work, I've priced it low, although I think it's worth significantly more. There is evidence that the original collar was a lighterweight lace, and there are frayed edges of it that remain, hidden by the heavier replacement collar. The person who worked on the piece replaced the shattering silk internal bodice, but used the original stays and hooks.  The lining that suspends the chiffon and lace sleeves is also replaced with cotton. The colorful beadwork is added, replacing some sort of stitching that was picked out of the same area. However, these restorative details add nothing but sweetness and charm to this striped gown. It was suggested by one party that the velveteen is a replacement because it is in excellent condition, but I don't believe so. The color is incredible, and the material quite unique, a very heavy and somewhat coarse silk twill. A very wearable beauty, it closes with hook and eyes internally, along the back, and to secure the collar around the neck.

      Probably the most special element retained in the restoration was the cotton label with the original customer's name and measurements -this was made to order for someone. It belonged, original, to a Mrs. Geo. H Robertson, measureing 32 - 24 - 12 (perhaps an original neckline measurement?) and made by J. Ross. 


      The internal fit is slightly tighter than the external fit -only the external hooks closed on the mode. 

      Bust: 33"
      Waist: 23.75

      Base Measurements
      Bust: 34.5"
      Waist: 24"
      Hips: 39"
      Length: 53"

      Label: None Present
      Material: Silk
      Condition: Goods plus to VG minus

      This dress is not longer in original condition. As noted in the description, there's been a good deal of restoration work, and I can't be sure the neckline is original. In terms of flaws, one can see that the silk it is made with was of varying dye lots, so the color changes in wide bands through the silk. This coarse wool seems given to snags and pilling, although this doesn't detract from even a short distance. Priced low due to this textural flaw and the unknown provenance of alterations.  I find nothing else to note!

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