Gorgeous Antique Silk Belle Epoque Petticoat with Banded Silk Satin and Valenciennes Lace

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      I've been hoarding this special undergarment for some time now. An exquisite petticoat made of satin satin and Valenciennes lace, this 1900s petticoat is one of those timelessly beautiful pieces. When I found it, it had been painstakingly taken up from the hips to be a used as a 1950s petticoat - and the elastic along the back was obviously replaced at that time, too. One can't blame them for recognizing the quality and reusing it! Sewn on a taffeta base, the piece just two layers, but has so much natural body. The silk bands are luxury themselves and the lace is fine. It closes at the back with an antique snap, and a hook at the waist. 


      Waist: Currently, 33.5" as elastic is quite relaxed. Could be re-elasticized to fit as small as 24." Elastic does not extend through the front, so being gathered toward the back would create that classic s curve shape. 
      Hips: 45"
      Length: 37"

      Label: None Present
      Material: Silk Taffeta, Silk Satin, Valenciennes Lace
      Condition: Good, very wearable as is

      While I have not had this cleaned, it is quite fresh for its age and very sturdy - there's no shattering or dryness at all. As noted, the elastic is relaxed, and you'd want to replace if you wish to use it under belle eqoque styles. Also as noted, this was taken up by folding the satin up to a higher point on the taffeta, and this has left some very tiny stitch marks. There's two tiny little scuffs on the back. The most notable issues is a snagged tear in the lace, along with a 1/4" frayed cut to the satin, on the second tier at the far left-hand side. I suspect this got caught in the zipper of a dress during it's last incarnation in the 1950s. I find no other issues to note!
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