Gorgeous and Rare 1930s Japanese Made Silk Beach Pajamas with Jacket


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      Absolutely gorgeous and rare 1920s beach pajamas made of lightweight, breezy japanese silk! The main piece is a wrap style jumpsuit with wide, printed legs and a creamy silk bodice. An OH so 1930s applique bow accents the front of the bodice. This shows up perfectly when you wear the matching jacket, too, which has a cut stolen from men's formal attire, right down to the accent buttons. It's more creamy silk, with print faced lapels and trim. The pajamas wrap around the back, with ties cut to tie on the left side, where two snaps keep the side seam closed. 

      Please excuse the inconsistent colorcasts in the dress form shots. We are having work done on the house,and I'm stuck shooting outdoors for the first time in my life!


      Bust: 40" laid flat, no darts
      Waist: 34" max - can be tied as small as 28"-29" ish for an authentic fit, smaller would be more awkward
      Hips: 43"
      Length: 54"

      Label: None Present
      Material: Cotton
      Condition: Very Sturdy, but with flaws that take it to Good minus

      I've very gently hand washed this set. I did nothing aggressive to treat the staining on the lower legs, as I could not identify what it was, and I didn't let it soak for fear of the reds running. As seen in the mannequin photos, both legs have staining from years in storage, from hem to calf. This is worst on the right leg, and it's a smaller, but still significant, area of the left. There's no weakness in those areas, or odor, and I think it still wears fine - especially if you want to wear it to the beach without guilt!

      The jacket has three black marks on the sleeves and a couple tiny smudges. I find no other issues to not. Priced at less than half what I had intended if the stain came away. 

      This set is STURDY, strong and ready to wear. 

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