Charming Late 1930s Rayon Dress Set with Puffed Sleeves and Matching Grosgrain Trimmed Jacket


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      Vintage late 1930s dress set is fantastic in true blue with white. The white burst outline little pineapple shapes, which I find pretty irresistible. A 1937-8 look, the dress has a tuxedo pleated bodice, puffed short sleeves, and darts to the front of the skirt. It closes on the side with snaps and hooks. The matching jacket is wonderful, crisply outlined with blue rayon grosgrain and closing with hook and eyes. 

      Please forgive how awkward the form looks with only one arm. The form doesn't actually have a fitting for an arm on the side, and with some types of sleeves, I cant secure the one that I have.


      Probably meant for the larger end of small, belted on a 27" waist or so.

      Shoulder: 12" (somewhat misleading, the gathered sleeves are set in and have more room)
      Bust: 38"
      Waist: 30"
      Hips: 42"
      Length: 44"

      Shoulders: 12"
      Bust: 37"
      Waist: 30"
      Length: 19"

      Label: None Present
      Material: Cold Rayon
      Condition: Good minus with repairs, but very wearable as is

      Both pieces have been washed and in the past and dry cleaned since. There is both some subtle overall fade to the garments, and some more specific fade, mostly on the dress around hip/thigh left to the side and back. With the busy print, it doesn't jump out at you when worn, but it's definitely present. The neckline of the dress is altered with a hand stitch, but I left it, as unfolding it would have made the fade more notable. At some point, someone washed the jacket. The grosgrain is notably faded compared to the interior side, and there's some dye travel from it into areas of the white. The underarms of the dress are strained, with breaking thin spots, and so I have interfaced them with stabilizer. There is a little strain to the jacket sleeves, but not enough to need repair. This is priced at half what it would be in very good condition, but remains a very wearable set. 

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