Beautiful Mid-1890s Victorian Ballgown Bodice with Lamé Ribbon Trim


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      Vintage Victorian bodice was certainly once part of an evening ensemble, but this piece survived a costume shop and has long since been parted from its skirt. This style dates between approximately 1895. Gloves would be worn to meet with the oversized puffed sleeves. The textile is a lustrous and heavy peach silk satin. The interior structure has thirteen cased and covered stays in a cotton lining. There is a interior grosgrain waistband that hooks closed. Four  bands of lamé ribbon embellish the front, there are two at back. Each sleeve use to have one, which has since been removed. The elegant simplicity of this would eye catching paired with a complementary Victorian skirt or mix easily something more modern.


      Bust: 31" 
      Waist: 21"
      Length: 15"

      Label: None Present
      Material: Silk
      Condition: Good minus, as is, wearable

      This bodice is sturdy enough to wear, with care. This is flawed from years of theatrical use and storage. As noted, metallic lace seems to have been removed from each sleeve. I suspect something is removed from the neckline, perhaps soft silk ruffles? The satin has scattered scuffs and there are three holes in the right sleeves, and one in the left. All the hooks are present and reinforced, and it can absolutely be worn, but is best when not inspected too closely.
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