Cozy 1950s Quilted Dressing Gown in Red Calico with Big Hip Pockets.


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      I am not sure there's anything more delightful to lounge in, when winter hits, than a quilted dressing gown. Warm, cozy, comfortable and yet structured and flattering! This cute robe is a repeating floral in a calico like print that I can only describe as a "quilt print" - the lines of the pattern are perfect for it. It's folksy, but not in an over the top sort of way. The hip pockets are BIG, perfect for phones and whatever else you need to carry about the house (or the grocery store, who are we kidding? It closes with five glossy red buttons. 


      Shoulders: 16"
      Bust: 36"
      Waist: 25.5"
      Hips: 43"
      Length: 55"

      Label: None Present
      Material: Cotton
      Condition: Good, as is 

      Until I photographed this, I didn't realize how goofy the buttons situation was. The previous owner had sewed up the top button hole, added a snap, and moved all the other buttons over. I've fixed that since, and the robe now has all five buttons, located in their original placement. As can be common for these, some of the quilting stitches have falled out, particularly under the arms, likely from machine washing in the past. Nothing that will keep you from enjoying it, but definitely something that will continue. I find no other issues to note! 
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