1930s Homemade Day Day Dress in Cotton-Linen with Navy and White Daisy Print As-Is


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      This vintage late 1930s day dress is homemade and well-loved, and really charming in its imperfections. Made of a daily print linen blend and bands of crisp navy linen contrast, one can see the elements where they had to make up the balance of the pattern with scraps - the center bodice panel. The sleeves. The selvage is quite minimal there. Someone loved it dearly, taking it in when they lost weight, but thankfully saving all the material. The sleeves are puffed, the skirt gently a-line. This closes on the side with a sturdy metal zipper. 


      This has been extensively taken in, so I am listing available material to let it back out along with current measurements

      Shoulders: 14"
      Bust: 42"
      + about 2" available between and right left seams. maximum altered bust 44"

      Waist: 32"+=
      +2.5" available for alteration, mostly on right side seam, maximum altered waist 34.5"

      Hips: 41" 
      + 9.5" available between right and left side seams, maximum altered hips 50.5

      Length: 43" + 2" available
      Also, 9.5" total inches available to increase sweep of hem. 

      Label: None Present
      Material: Matte Rayon
      Condition: Good minus, very wearable as is

      As noted the dress has been taken in. Edges of interior seams are frayed from washing, this is not included in interior measurements.  There are two old holes on the bodice, one 3/8" and one 1/8" square, both right next to each other, and patched with self-fabric at some point in the past. This is below and two the right of the last bbutton, see fourth image. There's two other tiny holes in the front of the skirt, and some wonky stitches along the waist. I find no other issues to note. It's not perfect, but very sturdy and very wearable. 
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