RESERVED on Layaway - Gorgeous Antique Early 1900s A Wool Cape with Venice Gros Point Lace Applique


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      If there is any piece of fashion more timeless and dramatic than a cape, I have yet to recognize it. This early Edwardian cape something truly special in a crisp wool with decadent use of Venetian gros point lace appliqued throughout - mixed with segments of finer rose points, all with use of fine fillings and decorative flourishes. There is a narrow area of lining around the interior neck and shoulders, that I think is likely a replacement. The collar itself is large, and symmetric (forgive the photos.) The lace of the collar, open and layering onto the lace of the body can make it hard to see the dimension in images. 


      Bust: best up to 41"
      Waist: Free"
      Hips: Free"
      Length: 40"
      Sweep: 177"

      Label: None Present
      Material: Wool
      Condition: Good plus

      This cape is sturdy and wearable. I have not attempted to clean it. The wool and lace have tanned with age - some types of lace have tanned a bit less than others. There are 12 teeny moth chews, and two of larger size, about 1/4" each. They are both lower in the cape and get hidden by the dramatic dimension of the lace, but given the rarity of the piece, they probably deserve reweaving from the limited selvage. The silk lining under the collar has shredded. If there was a silk lining to the main body of the cape, it's long since gone. It is sturdy, however, with no notable damage to the gorgeous lace, and wears as if it were very good - the tiny flaws do not stand out. 

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