Unusual Restyled Cotton Dress Made of Victorian Textile with Hand Embroidery

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      Before I start descriving this piece, I'll admit that it is a disappointment for me, although it's still interesting. When I acquired it, I was told it was early, around the 1810s or 20s. And before I realized that the waist was seriously taken up, I was absolutely ready to believe it. After speaking with multiple experts, it seems that this is likely a victorian textil that was restyled, possibly in the Edwardian era, to approximate Regency design, perhaps as a costume.  It is in rough shape as a garment, but the textile itself is striking and the embroidery is completely hand worked, I am told probably by a skilled amateuer. So the style is as you see it now, but I think that this is a piece that could be used as a raw material without guilt. 


      Bust: 29"- maybe 30" depending on how closure is added
      Waist: 25"
      Hips: 70"
      Length: 51"

      Label: None Present
      Material: Sheer Voile Cotton
      Condition: Fair, for material or restyling

      This has been gently washed and sun bleached, but the color is still a little warmer than it might have been originally. There is damage on what would have been the closure. There is a 6" diameter area where the fabric is weak and broken - not an embellished area, and some other scattered holes. Some of the net has broke over time, other areas are intact. Small flaws and awkward seams should be expected throughout. As noted, this piece has been recut from a previous design. You can see areas where the embroidery crosses seams and other areas where the work has been hacked to suit the current cut. Both laces are added. With the exception of a backing added to the hem, every stitch in the garment is handsewn. The work is lovely - I hope someone can make use of it.
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