Exceptional Antique Victorian Riding Jacket in Plum Wool with Heavy Rope Trim


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      A decadent and striking military inspired riding jacket, dating to sometime around the 1880s or 1890s. Precise dating is a challenge. While my feeling is that the rope detailing is original, it has been suggested it was added as late as the 1910s. 

      With this in mind, it is a bold and wonderful original antique piece, made of a very fine wool suiting in a saturated plum hue. While it is not boned, the lines at the back of the piece follow that of a corseted form. It bears similarity to Redfern pieces of the 80s and 90s, a strong, bold look for sporting. The collar is worn velvet, matching the deep, dark eggplant purple velvet trim at front. Three rows of twisted rope cross the front in Hussar fashion, bold in purple with pale green accents. It is lined in brown "tobacco" polished cotton. The closure is hidden buttons, asymmetrically along the left side. 


      Shoulders: 13"
      Bust: 35"
      Waist: 26"
      Length: 28" at back

      Label: None Present
      Materia Wool, Velvet
      Condition: Good, as is

      This stunning jacket is sturdy and entirely wearable. The most notable flaw is that the silk velvet of the collar is quite worn, missing almost all of the nap, and should be covered or replaced. The velvet of the cuffs and front hips, meanwhile, has some wear and minor flaws but does not approach the wear of the collar. Specifically, there is rubbing on the edges and seams of each cuff, and rubbing along the edges of the hem. The velvet at the right hip has a small nick from the hem, and a small hole at front.  For the wool, it is exceptionally sturdy and wearable. There is mild fade throughout when compared to the interior, although this doesn't stand out, and slightly more pronounced fade along the backs of the sleeves. The hidden buttons are mismatched and largely replacements, but are not seen when worn. All of the hidden button holes have old stitches to repair them, after having been torn (I would assume from being worn too snugly). This is not visible when worn. There are two moth chews on the left sleeve, a few at the edge of each underarm. There are some subtle speckles, as if water marks from rain, on a back left panel.

      The condition flaws have been accounted for carefully, but honestly, this piece looks fantastic when worn, is sturdy enough to wear and enjoy, and truly striking with antique, vintage or modern complementary pieces. 

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